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What Is a Windowfarm?

fourcolumn-illustration-460x594Home Growing De-Complicated

Efficient – best use of light, power, water

Transparent – you decide what feeds your food

Friendly – helps plants and people get back together


Taste Delicious, Nutritious Bioponics

The ancient father of medicine, Hippocrates, said, “Food is the best medicine.” Let’s eat our way to a healthier and more deliciously fresh future!

The Wall Street Journal said the plants a Windowfarm produces TASTE BETTER. Why? Because when technology works WITH Nature, good things happen.

Windowfarms build upon the efficient growing techniques we’ve gleaned from the space-age science of hydroponics gardening. Now, we are ushering in the age of BIOPONIC growing.

Bioponics combine the advantages of hydroponic liquid nutrient feeding with organic or sustainable natural inputs and root system ecology.

Ready to Get Growing?

Windowfarms™ are available in a few different configurations to fit your window best. We also sell plants, nutrients, and growing media &mdash everything you need to get started.

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Grow More, Water Less

A reservoir at the bottom of every Windowfarm holds water infused with nutrients that plants love. The system cycles the liquid nutrients through each column of plants. An an easy-to-use mechanical timer switches on a quiet, highly efficient air pump once every few hours. Simply refill the reservoir in the sink and add nutrients, weekly.

Harness Your Resources

Windowfarms are vertical, bioponic garden systems designed to help you grow food indoors.

Windowfarms help you grow some of the freshest, most flavorful food you’ll ever taste with very little power, very little water, and the natural light in your windows.

Most herbs, greens and small veggies we buy die a sad death in the fridge. What a waste! The power-guzzling ice box runs constantly. Think about the store refrigerators, chilled trucks, tractors, packaging, irrigation water. Not only are we wasting food, but significant energy and natural resources on uneaten food.

Windowfarms are designed for “cut and come again” harvesting. Instead of killing a whole plant and condemning it to the fridge, we harvest daily a bit from each plant, like generations past, letting our food regenerate.

Let’s eat it when we need it. When we don’t, let it grow!