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Windowfarm Overview

Get Your Farm Going, Then Add Plants

Get ready to transplant plants as quickly as possible by setting up their cozy Windowfarm home. The Windowfarms team times your Windowfarm Garden System to ship first and then lets you redeem your plants when you are all set up.


Your Windowfarm and baby plants come from different locations. Your Windowfarm and nutrients come from our awesome assembly team in Poughkeepsie, NY. Your baby plants come from one of our inspiring farmer partners, directly from their greenhouses.

When your Windowfarm setup is complete, you will be ready to add plants.

First, Get to Know Your Windowfarm!

Every good farmer knows how his tools work and how to fix them if something goes wrong. The first step is to learn how your Windowfarm works while putting it together…



Automated Watering

A timer periodically engages a pump to send nutrient-laden water from the reservoir through the bottom tube assembly and up the rigid tube to the top planter.

The liquid trickles through plants’ roots in each planter, bathing the plants’ roots in optimum nutrition, and recapturing the liquid in the reservoir for recirculation.



Soil Free Nutrition

The Windowfarm planters take up less space than traditional soil filled pots, while producing healthier plants that can grow up to 10x faster. In soil, plants have to grow large root systems to find new water and nutrients in the soil. This is why you often see roots squished into the bottom of a pot-–they want to get out! Inside Windowfarm planters, your system delivers water and nutrients directly to plants roots, so more of the plants’ energy can go to the top part of the plant that you harvest.

You get to have control over the nutrients that feed your food plants which will also affect the way your plants will taste.



Vertical Crops for Vertical Acres of Windows

The vertical orientation of your Windowfarm fits more plants by creating columns of “crops.” By stacking plants on top of one another in your window space and sending liquid through a vertical circuit, you optimize available window light for growing more plants, without having to water individually.




Frequently Asked Questions:

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