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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Windowfarms & ReFresh Boxes?

Windowfarms are vertical indoor gardens for growing food in your windows, year-round. ReFresh Boxes are monthly packages delivered right to your door filled with delicious living food plants that you can transfer into your Windowfarm to grow and harvest at home daily!

What's inside a ReFresh Box?

ReFresh Boxes are filled with baby plants, seeds, and supplies for the care of your Windowfarm. Baby plant mixes are live plants specially grown and ready for transfer into your Windowfarm system. Flavor plans are available in three different types. They include edible plants like herbs, greens, edible flowers, tea ingredients, and small veggies. These plants are alive, with their roots growing in a coconut fiber pot that you can easily drop into your windowfarms system and continue to grow and harvest for each meal for weeks. Choose your mix type during the checkout process based on your lifestyle and cooking habits. We will send you ReFresh Boxes every month that restock your frequently used favorites and introduce you to something new. ReFresh Boxes are sized to your Windowfarm and based on the number of columns you have. We guarantee that you will have enough plants to fill all the planters of your Windowfarm every month with live plants or fast-growing seeds like arugula or wheatgrass.

What comes in the Windowfarm's hardware box?

The one-column, two-column, and four-column Windowfarms include the system only: wire frame, planters, reservoir and reservoir cover, timer, pump, rigid tube, flexible tubing, bottom tubing assembly, net cups, gaskets, base plate, rubber connector, ph testing strips, maintenance kit, eye dropper, and clay pellets.

How much does each column grow?

We recommend one or two columns per person, changed out monthly for the average harvest for home cooking. Each column can sustain 4-12 plants in the four planters, depending on the plant type. Each type of food plant has a different characteristics. Some plants are used in much larger quantities in cooking, whereas others are used more as accent. The rate of growth also varies widely among food plants. Some greens grow and are harvested very quickly, whereas other plants, like rosemary, chives, or tomatoes take several months to grow to a harvest-ready stage. Refresh Boxes are curated as an overall experience and optimized to give you ever-fresh ingredients and the joy of discovering something new in the bounty of edible Nature.

How much does a ReFresh Plan cost?

Our boxes range from 19.95 to 39.95 a month, plus shipping, for singles, couples, and families. You may start and stop your Windowfarms ReFresh Plan subscription anytime you like, meaning there’s no commitment!

How do you process the recurring monthly payments?

Initially, you will be charged for your first box at the time you register for your subscription. Then you will be billed once a month for that month’s subscription. The monthly recurring payment date depends on the date you signed up. If you signed up after the 15th of your first month, you are billed on the 1st of the month. If you signed up between the 1st and the 15th, you are billed on the 15th. Monthly subscriptions ship on the 1st Monday of the month and will arrive that Wednesday or Thursday via Fedex. Weekly subscriptions for business ship every Monday via Fedex. To get in on a given month’s crop, make sure to complete your signup process before the countdown timer.

When are my Windowfarm & plants mailed to me?

Windowfarms hardware systems are sent out approximately the 15th of every month, give or take a day. Baby Plants ship in your ReFresh Box on the first Monday of the month. Please provide a reliable shipping address where someone will be available to receive the living baby plant package. Please be ready to open the box and transplant your Windowfarm Your baby plant package contains living plants that cannot survive more than two days in an enclosed box without sunlight, fresh air, or water. Windowfarms cannot be held responsible for plant death due to returned or delayed deliveries due to an unreliable shipping address. You’ll receive an email notifying you of your tracking information! Please refer to our website policies.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling a subscription is easy! Just email to with your name and address. We will send a confirmation email to the email address we have on file for the account. Once you have verified the email and confirmed that you want to cancel, we will cancel your subscription. Please note that all orders must be cancelled 48-hours prior to the 1st of every month.

Why do you only ship to the U.S.? What if I live outside the United States?

At this time, Windowfarms and ReFresh Boxes are only available for sale in the United States. Many international customs regulations apply to shipments of plants and gardening systems. If you would like to be notified when Windowfarms are available in your country, please leave your email address with us. You are welcome to use a freight forwarding service to service to manage an overseas delivery of hardware-only products. Bundles and subscriptions cannot be sent outside of the US due to customs restrictions. Windowfarms cannot be responsible for mishandling of freight forwarding orders and does not offer additional customer support services for freight forwarding orders at this time. Please carefully review the FAQs fully to find the information your service provider may need.

What comes with the Windowfarm's starter bundle?

The one-column starter bundle, two-column starter bundle, and four-column starter bundle includes everything in the kit mentioned above, plus Seaplex and CNS17 nutrients, and a coupon to redeem for baby plants, which you may do once you have set up your Windowfarm completely.

When and how are the baby plants shipped?

All baby plant orders are processed and shipped from our greenhouse once a week on Mondays via Fedex 2-day Air. Please provide a reliable shipping address where someone will be available to receive the baby plant package. Your baby plant package contains living plants that cannot survive more than two days in an enclosed box without sunlight, fresh air, or water. Windowfarms cannot be held responsible for plant death due to returned or delayed deliveries due to an unreliable shipping address.

Why do the baby plants ship separately from the box containing the Windowfarms kit?

When you order a Windowfarm starter bundle, the Windowfarm system ships before the plants from our warehouse in upstate New York. In the box you will find a Baby Plant Coupon, which you can redeem at any time through our online store to order your plants at no charge. The plants will not ship until you are ready to redeem the Baby Plant Coupon. Keep in mind that once you redeem this Baby Plant Coupon, the plants will ship via Fedex 2-day Air from a greenhouse. Because we are shipping living baby plants and not seeds, the baby plants should be taken out of the box immediately upon delivery and installed in your Windowfarm. You should have already received nutrients, in first shipment with the Windowfarm kit. We do this because if the Windowfarm and the plants shipped at the same time, you would get the baby plants first and they’d have no system to be transferred into, making it harder for them to survive.

What are the product dimension / size / weight (including box)?

One-column Windowfarm: Box is approximately 48” x 7” x 7” and weight is 8-10lbs

Two-column Windowfarm: Box is approximately 48” x 10” x 10” and weight is 15-19lbs

Four-column Windowfarm: Box is approximately 48” x 10” x 21” and weight is 28-34lbs

What is the return / refund policy?

Read our store policies here.

Tell me more about the plastic used in the Windowfarm system. Is the plastic BPA free?

Windowfarm containers are composed of FDA compliant materials and are safe for food contact. The plastics used in Windowfarm products are free of BPA. These plastics are called polypropylene (PP) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). Being non-polar polymers, PP and LDPE do not contain phthalates, which are used as plasticizers in molecularly polar polymers. Additionally the materials are engineered to remain unharmed by UV radiation for about 3-5 years. In order to protect Windowfarm containers from degradation, some conditions should be avoided. The planters should not be microwaved or heated above 212 F. Liquids containing more than 8% alcohol should also be avoided.

How do I mount my Windowfarm?

There are several ways of mounting your Windowfarm. We designed them to be modular and fit all kinds of different window architectures. Go ahead and take a look at the instructions that you will use to set up your Windowfarm. Here’s the section about installation.

I am interested in purchasing Windwofarms for a school, university, or another educational institution. Can I use a purchase order or check?

At this time, Windowfarms are only available for purchase with a credit card through our online system. We do not yet offer the additional services of purchase order processing special requests for individual organizations. However, for bulk orders of 24 columns or more, we can make special arrangements with placement of a deposit. Please contact to place a bulk order.

I am interested in a wholesale or bulk purchase, becoming a distributor, or establishing a drop ship affiliate sales arrangement.

Please contact

I think my Windowfarm or ReFresh Box is missing an item / one of my items was broken. Can I get a replacement?

Well, although we would love to be perfect, from time to time, we do make mistakes! We’d love to put your Windowfarm back in good standing just as soon as we possibly can. Please email to speak with one of our customer service representatives and they’ll take care of any problems. We want to ensure your Windowfarm is in tip top shape.

I live in New York City. Can I save money on shipping by coming to pick it up?

Howdy, Neighbor. We’re sad to say that your local pickup is not going to work at this time. We do not have a store where you can pick up in New York and we do not carry stock here in the city. The Windowfarms ship from a warehouse in upstate New York. The plants go by two day air from one of our farmer partners and they are not here in the city either. At some point soon, we hope some of the urban farms here in the hood will have the capacity to work with us. For now, sending your baby plants by 2nd day air is the only way we can ensure that your little plants will arrive healthy and happy from farm to doorstep. If the cost of shipping is giving you pause, just think about how much money you will be saving on food waste. Every harvest you get from a Windowfarm grows back, so you save on blisterpack after blisterpack of fresh herbs, salads, supergreens, and other veggies.

I can’t find my password to log in to my Windowfarms store account.

– Did someone else purchase the Windowfarm for you as a gift? Please contact us

– I purchased the Windowfarm, but can’t remember my password or account information. Click here 

Are Windowfarms organic?

We recommend and sell as many organic components as possible, however the term organic cannot really be applied to the whole system. We will address the question to each component of your Windowfarm’s ecosystem separately.

All of the seeds we sell in the seed packs are organic from Seeds of Change or Fedco.

All of our farmers purchase their seeds from Johnny’s Seeds, as do most farmers in the country. Johnny’s sells both organic and conventional seeds. Our farmers do not use any GMO seeds.

Windowfarms do not need any kind of pesticides and our partner farmers do not use any chemical pesticides. Instead, the farmers cultivate healthy communities of beneficial insects that keep pests in check in the greenhouse. If you see any aphids or other pests on your windowfarms, just wash them off under a stream of water in the sink to get rid of them. Consider adding a few ladybugs to your Windowfarm ecosystem as prevention. Keep in mind that pests don’t generally attack healthy plants, so we the best remedy against pests is to get good at growing, by following the best practices in the instructions and by asking the online community for help as soon as you see any signs of weakness.

It’s important to remember that the term organic has a lot to do with soil and a windowfarm doesn’t use soil. The plants roots sit in a mix of clay pellets and coconut hair and the roots are fed by water enriched by nutrients. We do encourage people to use organics and cultivate a beneficial microbe colony around plants roots int the Windowfarm. Since you are the one who will be adding the nutrients to turn your tap water into this liquid soil, we let you choose what you want to feed your plants– organic or mineral. But, as any farmer will tell you, 100% organic gardening is a second level skill and is pretty tricky to do well your first time. We want you to learn and succeed so we encourage new Windowfarmers to start off using a mix of organic techniques and mineral techniques. Thus, in the bundle we send you both. Keep in mind that plants can’t eat anything organic, they can only eat inorganic matter, minerals. So when you feed them through water, even organics have to be broken down another level to inorganic matter by an ecosystem of microbes. In our bundles ,we give you a mineral based plant nutrient that has the most diverse trace nutrients we could find, it’s Botanicare’s CNS17. We have you combine that with an organic seaweed meal, Botanicare’s Seaplex, that gives the rich variety of nutrients you find in the ocean. Over time, you can work your way up to using all organic nutrients, which we also sell.