Why can’t I buy a Windowfarm in my country?

We receive a great number of requests for shipments outside of the United States and are building our business to accommodate customers outside of the US.

We do not ship to other countries because:

  • We are concerned about the carbon footprint of our systems.
  • Additional shipping cost and tariffs are very expensive due to air delivery method.
  • Customs officials often stop any packages involving gardening supplies.
  • The additional paperwork required to fill out all of the forms takes a lot of time for which we have to impose additional labor charges to cover our own costs.

We do make rare exceptions to ship Windowfarms overseas with additional charges, especially in the case of frequent requests from art and science museums wishing to mount an exhibition. However, we ask that purchasers arrange shipping themselves, while we provide commercial invoice that explains contents to customs.

Help bring Windowfarms to your country

We are looking for commercial sales partners in foreign countries. The best companies are small to medium sized businesses already working in the gardening market. If you know of a company that might be a good fit, please send us a link to their website at businessdevelopment@windowfarms.com

Can’t wait for Windowfarms to be shipped to your country? You can make your own Windowfarm

Build your own Windowfarm using locally sourced parts and materials by downloading our free online instructions in your language. Visit our.windowfarms.org and click on “Windowfarms v3.0 How-To Guide.” You will be prompted to register first in order to accept the community’s terms of service agreement which will grant you with a royalty-free license to use the Windowfarms international patent-pending system for your personal purpose.

Help Translate Instructions for your Language and Country

Help us make windowfarming and the R&D-I-Y process accessible to your country by becoming a volunteer translator. Send us an email including the language and country you would like to translate for to translate@windowfarms.com.

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Want to find or start a Windowfarms community locally?

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