Choose A Windowfarm Version to Build

New Windowfarm™

Windowfarms™ are available in One, Two, and Four-Column configurations. The new Windowfarms™ are sustainably manufactured in the US, made of recyclable components, and are easy to setup — so you can start growing right out of the box. To buy a Windowfarm™, please visit The Windowfarms™ Store.


DIY Version 3: Hanging 2-Column
Organic-Ready Windowfarm

The version 3.0 Windowfarm design gives you more plants for your buck. Use one pump to supply 8-20 plants. The curved bottom reservoirs enable better use of organic nutrients. Set aside a few days to order all the parts online, several afternoons to gather recycled materials, and then about a weekend to build the system.


DIY Version 2: Standing 3-Bottle
Airlift Windowfarm

  • The V2 Windowfarm allows you to start small while you get the hang of caring for just a few plants.
  • In the meantime, check out modified windowfarms designs other windowfarmers have built on our community site.